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Fascia and Soffit (uPVC) Cleaning

Professional fascia & soffit (uPVC) cleaning services throughout, Central Scotland


We offer a fascia, soffit gutter uPVC cleaning service for all your external UPVC plastic boards & gutter areas.  We utilize a  mild, cleaner to clean your fascias, soffits, gutters and uPVC with soft brushes with an extended water-fed pole (WFP). This helps prevent permanent discoloration (yellowing), thereby extending their life and the value of your property, but moreover, your properties ‘kerb appeal’.

The aim of our fascia, soffit, gutter uPVC board cleaning is to remove the dirt, mould, and algae, that has built up over time and has tarnished the visual appearance of the property.   All areas are cleaned leaving you with sparkling clean fascias, soffits and gutters.   So, if you require a Fascia and Soffit cleaner near to you we are your first choice as we service the central belt.

Your fascias, soffit and gutters need only be cleaned every so often, or when they become noticeable dirty and unsightly.  It may also depend on the area you live in, e.g. if your property is close to trees, the main road, or to industry. That said, we find that our clients have their fascia and soffits cleaned once a year in spring and late summer.

 We are fully insured to carry out your fascia and soffit cleaning and have a first-rate reputation for providing a high level of customer service to our and provide our service to both residential and commercial customers.

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Our Other Exterior Cleaning Solutions

Experience You Can Trust When It Comes To Fascia and Soffit Cleaning


Property Improvement:

Patio Cleaning service

Our patio cleaning solutions are achieved by jet washing. We restore your patio to a like-new condition. Once our job is done, you can appreciate your beautiful patio. We’re specialized in patio power washing, cleaning,  and restoring of any patio surface.

We also pressure wash clean tarmac drives on a lower pressure setting by the use of a ‘flat surface cleaner’;  although we would not pressure wash damaged or crumbling tarmac drives as this may increase the damage.

If it is required (recommended)  after cleaning your block paved drives then we offer a re-sanding service which will further enhance the appearance of the drive.

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Wooden Deck Cleaning Service

Out garden decking (wood or composite) cleaning service can revive your tired-looking decking and make it look like it’s just been fitted. Deterioration of decking surfaces can be simply down to exposure to sunlight and the elements. Over time, your decking can fade and, if left untreated, start deteriorating. To remedy this problem, we can clean your decking to be free of moss, algae, debris and other unsightly things.

Garden decking (wood or composite) surfaces still require maintenance to keep it looking its best. The type of climate we live in; damp and wet causes moss and algae to flourish across the garden decking, causing it to become slippery and potentially dangerous particularly after the winter period if left untreated.

Dependent on whether your decking is a hard or softwood, we take care in how we clean either due to their different properties (types) and adapt our cleaning techniques accordingly to achieve the right finish without damaging the wood.

In order to maintain your decking and keep it looking as good an attractive garden feature, we usually recommend pressure washing all decking at regular six-monthly intervals.

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Conservatory Cleaning Service

Exact’s conservatory cleaning service throughout central Scotland will keep your conservatory looking bright, fresh, and as new. At Exact we  use the latest professional  equipment to clean the outside of your conservatory by cleaning and clearing:

1.  Conservatory roof and fittings (finials)

2.  Remove all debris, sludge, and leaves from conservatory gutters,

3.  Clean UPVC frames and sills,

4.   Clean conservatory windows & ledges

From an aesthetics viewpoint, we recommend a clean at least once a year,  and dependent on your local surroundings e.g trees/forest/ industry, perhaps a clean twice a year.

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Soft Washing Services

Exact’s Soft washing services in Bridge of Allan are a gentle cleaning technique where chemicals, low-pressure water and brushes are used to agitate and eliminate buildups, such as algae, lichens, and other biofilms from surfaces such as render or aluminum or uPVC cladding.

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Property Maintenance:

Driveway Cleaning Service

Our exterior cleaning solutions for pressure washing and driveway cleaning are available throughout central Scotland.

Our high-pressure, commercial-grade, pressure washer with a selection of turbo nozzles and flat surface cleaner is utilized when pressure washing driveways and other surfaces. We are able to clean most types of exterior hard surfaces such as block paving, imprinted concrete, tarmac, decking, natural stone, paving slabs. The work is always carried out safely and to the highest standard. Monoblock driveways will have new dried sand brushed back in where required and requested.

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Gutter Clearing Service

Our exterior cleaning solution for gutter cleaning is by the use of a high-powered ‘wet and dry’ vacuum system to clear and clean gutters with our light carbon fiber poles, which allows us to access those hard-to-reach areas, e.g over the top/behind conservatories. The unique telescopic poles of this system simply reach over into the gutters, therefore the cost of scaffolding or high-reach platforms are made unnecessary. In addition, we fit camera equipment so that we can then check where any potential problems (blockages) are,  and when we have cleared out the gutters we can show (authenticate) our visit by taking photographs to show that their gutters are now running clear.


Moss, Algae & Lichen Removal Service

There are many types of algae: red, green and black algae predominate on the surfaces on many types of buildings, rendered walls, fences and walls making their appearance unsightly! 

Algae (green) growth on your paths and driveways can make them very slippery underfoot thereby becoming a real safety risk.

 We have been successful in the removal of green and red algae, although black algae has a tendency to stain making it very difficult to completely remove. But it will be greatly diminished after treatment. We carry out our algae removal treatment on all types of both residential and commercial property types. 

A simple approach to treating algae growth is required. At Exact we favour a three-point approach: 

What The first step of our process is to understand what sustaining the algae alive and what can be done to help prevent the water feed source. Sometimes it can just be walls that are poor at shedding water and thus naturally provide a good breeding ground.

How – We then know how best to then apply our own non-aggressive biocide product which leaves no environmental footprint and is safe for the customer, domestic animals and plants.

 We apply it using a light spray on it or brush it onto the walls. The algae normally dies quickly and our product then breaks down and any residues are then absorbed by bacteria.

Rinse-Off  – Dependent on the circumstances, we will usually rinse off any residues. We then let nature (the product) take its course and the algae to disappear over a period of time. 

Green algae normally disappears within 2-3 days, red algae will take 2-3 weeks, but black can take a longer period to die and may require an additional ‘spot treatment’ to the more stubborn areas.


Window Cleaning Service

Here at Exact Exterior Cleaning Solutions we pride ourselves in providing a highly professional, polite, and reliable window cleaning service with a huge amount of experience within the window cleaning industry.

We are a local family-orientated window cleaning service that uses the very latest in water-fed pole window cleaning technology, to keep your windows, frames & sills completely spotless all year round.

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Exterior Cleaning Solutions

Experience You Can Trust When It Comes To fascia and soffit cleaning

What will the cleaning of your fascia, soffit, and gutter uPVC cost?  Pop over to our prices page and take a look at our cleaning prices as well as our other individual service items and our fantastic deals; or, if you need a tailored cleaning solution for your property get in touch via our contact form below.

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Our equipment is the latest (‘best-in-class’) that allows us to provide our customers with a  professional service and ‘one-stop-shop that is both efficient and cost-effective that guarantees an exceptional clean.


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Exact takes pride in providing the highest quality of fascia and soffit cleaning services and value for money to every one of our valuable customers

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Alongside our quality assurance, our customers can expect a reliable and trusted service with great customer care. Moreover, we offer a FREE fascia & soffit cleaning consultation and quotation as part of our service.

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Our fascia and soffit cleaning prices are competitive and fair. the price quoted is the price you pay! We abide by good trading practices and do not employ unrequested up-selling tactics.  A free consultation is preferable and advisable prior to work commencement.

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We provide all our customers’ expert advice on fascia and soffit cleaning and on every other aspect of our services which helps alleviates any fears and concerns they may have.

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We consider our service to be reliable and trusted by our many satisfied customers throughout  Stirling and beyond. Our staff are always on time, polite and considerate throughout the time they spend in your home

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